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The mission of the Early Typewriter Collectors’ Association is to support communication and interaction within the community of typewriter lovers and collectors, and to encourage its growth. Our magazine, ETCetera, serves that mission by gathering and sharing knowledge about typewriter history with the community and beyond.


Paul Robert

Paul Robert is a Dutch journalist and photographer. A recovering typewriter collector, Paul is still actively involved in research of the history of the typewriter. He is the photographer and co-author, with Peter Weil, of “Typewriter – A Celebration of the Ultimate Writing Machine” and, with Rob Blickensderfer of “The Five-Pound Secretary”, the history of the Blickensderfer typewriter. He is also the curator of the Virtual Typewriter Museum website and proprietor of the Typewriter Decal Shop.

Board of Directors

Richard Polt

Richard Polt is a former editor of ETCetera, author of The Typewriter Revolution, webmaster of The Classic Typewriter Page, and co-editor of the Cold Hard Type anthologies. He teaches philosophy at Xavier University in Cincinnati.

Peter Weil

Peter Weil is a retired associate professor of anthropology at University of Delaware, contributing editor to ETCetera for eight years plus, winner of QWERTY Award 2013, avid typewriter and ephemera collector for 18+ years. Member of the board organizing the new and better Early Typewriter Collectors' Association. He is also the co-author of Typewriters, A Celebration of the Ultimate Writing Machine.

I believe the purpose of the new organization is to serve the typewriter community in its many dimensions, including collectors, writers, and others who enjoy typewriters in so many ways. This means that both the association and its publication, ETCetera, should serve those interests through supporting and reporting on activities and new realities of typewriterdom as they develop and through well-researched, well-written and graphically-strong articles and columns.

My vision is that the publication should be a hard-copy one that regularly is made available digitally after a reasonable period to serve as a larger database on typewriters. Related to all of this, the organization's web page shall be expanded and regularly updated to include sections on typewriter-related gatherings, meetings, publications, and any other typewriter—related activities and needs. In addition to the announcement of such events as type-ins and such, it should also include a classified section.

Guillermo Fernández Boan

Argentinian lawyer, born on April 4, 1954. Legal Director for Latin America of the Applus Corporation (Spanish technology group). Collector of mechanical writing and calculating machines. ETCetera collaborator. Lover of Pink Floyd music and Woody Allen's cinema. A loving wife. Two children. Two grandchildren.

Diane Maher

Diane Maher is a Senior Research Scientist at Bayer Crop Science in St. Louis, Missouri. She has a Master of Science degree in chemistry from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Her typewriter journey began with a white Royal QDL which reminded her of one her mother used to have. Although she collects and uses modern typewriters such as Olympia and Smith-Corona, she is especially interested in the double keyboard Smith Premier typewriters. She enjoys learning how they work, getting them into a usable state, and then using them to type short stories, the occasional blog article, and letters to pen pals.


Tyler Anderson

Tyler Anderson is an accountant hailing from the distant and mystical land of "Idaho". Having discovered the wonders of antique typewriters in 2013, he has since developed a fondness for 3-bank machines and, in particular, Fox typewriters. One of his primary goals is to ensure that the good faith and camaraderie of the typewriter community is continued and strengthened. He is the author of The Fox Typewriter Company, the definitive volume on Fox typewriters.

"Serve the Public Trust, Protect the Innocent, Uphold the Law" - RoboCop


Lars Borrmann German

Lars was born 1969 in Gunzenhausen Germany and studied at the Catholic University Eichstätt, majoring in German literature, Education and Philosophy. Borrmann currently works as a teacher in a small primary school in the town that was the birthplace of Ernst Martin.
He has been interested in typewriters since he was young, when he was looking for old stuff from household trash settings. His first typewriter was an Adler 7 which he still has. Lars became a more serious collector about 15 years ago and now he have about 170 typewriters, most of them pre-WWII of German or US manufacture. While there are not many rare typewriters in his collection, some highlights are a Hammond 1 and a Germania 5. He especially loves Blickensderfers, and has about 25 of them in his collection.

Guillermo Fernández Boan Spanish

Argentinian lawyer, born on April 4, 1954. Legal Director for Latin America of the Applus Corporation (Spanish technology group). Collector of mechanical writing and calculating machines. ETCetera collaborator. Lover of Pink Floyd music and Woody Allen's cinema. A loving wife. Two children. Two grandchildren.


Annemarie Goethart

Annemarie Goethart is a freelance designer aand has been involved indirectly, through her partner Paul Robert, with the typewriter world and its inhabitants for the past 25 years. Although pleasantly bemused by the phenomenon of typewriter collecting, she has enthusiastically accepted the position of art director of ETCetera.

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