ETCetera: How to Subscribe

$45 in North America, $50 elsewhere.
Since 1987, the Early Typewriter Collectors’ Association has been bringing typewriter lovers together. By joining ETCA, you connect to a network of people around the world who appreciate typewriters — as antiques, as windows into history, as feats of engineering, as works of art, and as practical writing machines. You will receive our full-color magazine, ETCetera, four times a year, and we’ll keep you informed about major events and opportunities.

Price includes a subscription to ETCetera (4 issues per calendar year) and membership in ETCA.

Send dues and your contact information (mailing address, phone, e-mail) to the secretary-treasurer, Tyler Anderson. When you pay, you will receive any issues that have been published so far this calendar year, and you will be on the mailing list for the rest of the calendar year. Two methods of payment are accepted. Use either PayPal or postal mail to send dues and your contact information.

1. Pay with PayPal

Use PayPal (credit cards accepted) to send a payment to

$45.00 (North America)

$50.00 (elsewhere)

2. US$ checks or money orders

Or mail US$ checks or money orders, payable to Tyler Anderson, to

c/o Tyler Anderson
PO Box 503
Hayden, ID 83835

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