About the magazine

ETCetera, The Journal of The Typewriter Collectors’ Association, was established in 1987 and focused on the early history of this mechanical writing instrument.
Today, four decades later, all typewriters may be considered “early” and a new generation of collectors has been born, who may appreciate the Hermes 3000, the Royal Vogue or the Olympia Traveller even more than an early Blickensderfer 5. The association embraces all of them.

You can see this development in the archives of our magazine ETCetera. Our stencilled early editions are a treasure trove of information about early machines, their inventors and technology. At the time, the writers even managed to interview retired typewriter factory workers, for first-hand accounts of what it was like to be a factory worker after World War I.
Today the magazine covers the world of typewriters in the widest sense of the word. We look at the history, art, restoration, writing and collecting from every possible perspective.

The people behind the magazine

Editor: Paul Robert (Netherlands)
Associate editors: Peter Weil (USA), Flavio Mantelli (Italy)
Advisers: Richard Polt (USA), Bert Kerschbaumer (Austria)
Art director: Annemarie Goethart (Netherlands)
Translations: Guillermo Fernandez Boan (Spanish), Lars Borrmann (German)
Printer: Action Printers (USA)


The ETCA is registered in the state of Delaware, USA, under File Number 5753192.
Board of directors: Richard Polt, Peter Weil, Diane Maher, Guillermo Fernandez Boan, Ted Munk

Your privacy

We only collect your name, address and email information if you subscribe to our magazine. We do not share your information with anyone except for the distribution of the magazine. Payments to ETCA are handled by Paypal.com.
The webshop is operated through Etsy.com and stands apart from the ETCA. Etsy has its own conditions and privacy statement.

Questions and submissions

Letters to the editor, photographs, information, questions, articles, book reviews, and other items of interest to typewriter collectors are always welcomed.
ETCetera invites articles that shed new light on typewriter history, based on original sources and firsthand experience.
Material not previously published elsewhere will have priority.

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