Editorial guidelines

Letters to the editor, photographs, information, questions, articles, book reviews, and other items of interest to typewriter collectors are always welcomed.
ETCetera invites articles that shed new light on typewriter history, based on original sources and firsthand experience.
Material not previously published elsewhere will have priority.

Before you write…
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Formatting guidelines for articles:

Format in block style (no paragraph indents, two carriage returns between paragraphs).

Indicate footnotes as [1], not as actual footnotes, if using a word processor that supports them.

Place the notes at the end of the article.

Indicate approximate places for images in the article and their level of importance by referring to them by filename as [1 typewriter.tif, essential] or [2 inventor.jpg, important] or [3 diagram.tif, nonessential].
When naming the files please number them in the same order.

Use one space, not two, after a period.

Use an em-dash with no spaces around it—or two hyphens–with no spaces around them.

Use American spelling and American punctuation: “double quotes on the outside with ‘single quotes’ on the inside,” comma goes within the “quotation marks,” period goes within the “quotation marks.”

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