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ETCetera is a full-color journal of historical typewriter topics, published quarterly, with German and Spanish translations.

The mission of the Early Typewriter Collectors’ Association is to support communication and interaction within the community of typewriter lovers and collectors, and to encourage its growth. Our magazine, ETCetera, serves that mission by gathering and sharing knowledge about typewriter history with the community and beyond!

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ETCetera No. 141 - Summer/Fall 2023

No. 141 - Summer/Fall 2023

  • Editor's Notes
  • Tom Hanks comes to visit
  • Remington goes to Egypt
  • A Hermes 3000 defies the E
  • Robert Ingersoll - the dollar marketeer
  • Ingersoll revisited - a line-up of the cheap and rare
  • All I wanted was a Valentine - 400 typewriters
  • A Hammond for a horse business
  • The Midas Touch - the gold-plated Royals
  • Two early Sholes & Glidden letters
  • Out of the woodwork - The Sun 6
  • New on the Shelf & The Drawband
  • New on the Shelf & Around the world
  • Backspace

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ETCetera No. 140 - Spring 2023

No. 140 - Spring 2023

  • Editor's Notes
  • A Crandall goes to college
  • The Trust - and the Schwartz typewriter
  • Ettore Sottsass - for Olivetti
  • George Yost - and the magic typewriters
  • Book Review: The Williams Typewriter
  • Weekend at Flavio's
  • New on the Shelf
  • Around the world & The Drawband
  • Backspace

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ETCetera No. 139 - Winter 2022-2023

No. 139 - Winter 2022-2023

  • Editor's Notes
  • The Patents
  • The Alissoff
  • Sholes & Glidden 1873-2023
  • Early Adopters
  • Remington aluminum
  • New on the Shelf & The Drawband
  • Backspace

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